Your mouth has a lot to say about your health!

We now offer a simple way to test for risk factors that contribute to gum disease and tooth decay, plus identify whether you are at increased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pregnancy complications, oral cancer, and inflammation.

We believe in treating the entire patient, not just your teeth and gums. That is why we now give our patients the option to have their saliva tested with MyPerioPath®, immun19™, and Celsus One™.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Swish
  2. Gargle
  3. Collect

When you consent to a simple saliva test, you can learn a lot about your current oral health and the possibilities for your future wellbeing.

At our office, we use clinical laboratory services from OralDNA Labs® to ensure we are giving our patients the best oral health information possible. OralDNA Labs® is a specialty diagnostics company designed to provide reliable, definitive and cost effective clinical tests that guide oral health professionals in detecting and prognosing disease at an earlier, more treatable stage.

With one sample of your saliva, you can have 3 different tests performed:

MyPerioPath® – This test identifies and measures harmful bacteria in your mouth, giving us the information we need to detect problems early, refine your treatment, and follow up at the right intervals. Detecting how much and what kind of bacteria live in your mouth helps Dr. Edeer understand your predisposition, and therefore your risk, for gum disease. Gum disease can be sneaky — you may have it and be completely unaware because there are few early warning signs. A simple saliva test takes the guesswork out of diagnosing gum disease at the early stages and makes it possible for Dr. Edeer to treat you before harmful oral bacteria cause major damage. The test not only detects the bacteria that cause gum disease; it also detects the oral bacteria that increase your risk of tooth decay, diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy complications, rheumatoid arthritis, and stroke.

immun19™ – Did you know that your saliva contains antibodies? Antibodies are the proteins that our bodies produce in response to disease. They attack and neutralize harmful viruses and bacteria that invade our bodies and make us ill. The immune system continues to produce them until the invader is eradicated, and once the body has recovered, some of those disease-fighting antibodies stick around, just in case. The presence of antibodies in your saliva can tell your doctor if you have been exposed to a certain disease, even if you don’t feel sick or have never had symptoms. This is the case with one infamous disease in particular – COVID-19. Immun19™ is a friendlier way to test for COVID-19 antibodies. Say no to uncomfortable nose swabs, and say yes to a saliva test. It couldn’t be easier.

Celsus One™ – Inflammation in your body is linked to increased risk of gum disease, heart disease and diabetes. Your body’s response to inflammation can be a determining factor in whether you are at risk. Celsus One tests your saliva for genetic markers associated with inflammation and helps you better understand your risk level. It also helps your healthcare providers, including Dr. Edeer, customize treatment to your individual health needs, even before you show any physical signs of disease. The more Dr. Edeer can refine and target your treatment plan, the more successful he will be at keeping your teeth, mouth, and body healthy long term. A simple saliva test can unlock so much information about your health, helping you today, tomorrow, and for many years in the future.

Knowledge is power, and knowing about your health gives you and your dentist the power to treat threats to your health and wellbeing early — when it counts the most.

For more information about any of these tests, contact our office to learn about how OralDNA® testing can benefit you and your health.