Metal Braces

Helping You Achieve a Life-Long Beautiful Smile

At Aesthetic Smile Design, our priority is to provide patients with the best treatments for their dental needs. There are now countless ways we can help improve the smile of you and your family members. A tried and true method, metal braces are the most common treatment for addressing teeth overcrowding and misalignment. Advancements in this method have made metal braces more effective and visually appealing, with a range of color options for brackets and the elastics.

The benefits of metal braces include:

  • Most effective in treating overcrowding
  • Quicker than other methods at closing gaps
  • Give the orthodontist more control to move teeth in small increments
  • Don’t have to worry about taking them in and out, or losing an appliance

We are happy to discuss how metal braces can benefit you or your child with a complimentary consultation at our office. Start on the road to a better smile today.