At Aesthetic Smile Design, we are offering a new kind of test to stop tooth decay before it starts. Dr. Gary Edeer can give you an OralDNA® saliva test that can be used to determine early signs of gum disease and other health risks, such as oral cancer, inflammation, and if you are at risk of diabetes, stroke, heart disease and pregnancy complications. Talk to our dentist about receiving your saliva test in Wayne, New Jersey, by calling (973)-595-0700.

Taking a saliva test is as easy as a regular mouth wash: swish the wash around, gargle and allow our dentist to collect your saliva. We will then run diagnostics through our OralDNA lab at our dental office. We offer three different types of tests to detect different oral and health signs.

This test measures harmful bacteria in your mouth that can lead to gum disease. Gum disease can be hard to identify in its early stages because there are few signs that point to it. Understanding what kind of bacteria is in your mouth, and how much, can help Dr. Edeer determine and refine the best treatment option for you. This helps him diagnose gum disease before it causes harmful damage, as well as other health risks.

This special saliva test looks for antibodies or the proteins our bodies produce to fight disease. Dr. Edeer can look at the antibodies in your saliva to determine specific diseases that you have already been exposed to, even if you have never had symptoms. This test can especially be used to test for COVID-19, and is an easier, more comfortable alternative than a nose swab.

Celsus One™
This saliva test measures genetic markers in association with inflammation. Inflammation is linked to heart disease, diabetes and gum disease. Dr. Edeer can look at your body’s response to inflammation to determine if you are at risk for these diseases. This also helps us customize treatment, so that we can help keep your teeth and body healthy and strong.

Come to Aesthetic Smile Design for your saliva test. Let us help you keep your oral and overall health on track.