You can afford a healthy and beautiful smile!

We feel you deserve a beautiful, healthy and comfortable smile and cost should not stand in your way of achieving that. While we understand everyone has a budget, that doesn’t mean you should not treat health risks associated with dental conditions and suffer with dental pain, difficulties eating or embarrassment over your teeth. We are happy to work with you and develop a treatment plan that not only meets your oral health needs but fits in your budget, as well.  Certain dental procedures may also be reimbursed by your medical insurance plan, Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or individual plans such as Aflac®.

Your benefits are paid in accordance with the terms and conditions of your specific policy contract.  Limitations of your dental insurance contract does not mean that recommended services are not required.  We are committed to always providing our patients with care and services that are in their best interest.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

For your convenience, we accept the following payment methods:

American Express

Healthy Smile Healthy Life Plan

If you have been delaying dental care due to lack of insurance or are frustrated by the restrictions put forth by your dental insurance, we have a solution that will put you in charge of your care. Our Healthy Smile Healthy Life plan is an affordable option that offers regular preventative visits at no extra cost plus savings on a number of preventative and cosmetic treatments.

Learn more about our in house membership plane by clicking the button below.

Membership Plans

Dental Insurance

We work with most dental insurance and work with you to maximize your benefits. We make use of advanced diagnostic imaging, which billing insurance companies require for documentation (to prove the necessity of a treatment).

While we can provide an estimate, we cannot guarantee that your insurance plan and limits will fully cover the procedure. We ask that you contact your insurance company to verify the details of your coverage.

Copayments are due at the time of services rendered. Insurance companies typically pay their portion within four to six weeks of billing. You’ll receive a monthly statement from our office which you can use to verify that the insurance payment has been processed. Please contact our office for any questions regarding the statement. You are ultimately responsible for any unpaid portion of the bill.

Payment Plans

For assistance with financing, please contact our friendly staff prior to treatment. Unless alternative arrangements have been made in advance, full payment is due at the time of services provided. We are happy to work with you so you are able to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile without the financial worries.

Ask us for details on a third party company that provides financing assistance with low monthly rates, or click here to learn more about how you can save on dental treatments at Aesthetic Smile Design.

We also accept CareCredit to help finance your dental treatment. For more information, please visit