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Dr. Gary Edeer, DMD, MAGD, Aesthetic Smile Design, Quote I couldn't believe my implants were so professionally done that a) No one knew unless I told them they were implants and 2) Had a life threatening health issue that placed me in the hospital through the E/R where I had life support and other various tubes in my throat and my implants stayed put. God Bless Dr. Edeer!

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Dental implants are a viable solution for people of all ages except growing children. Individuals aged twenty and older have replaced lost teeth with implants, as have men and women well into their 80s. If you are missing one or more teeth and want to restore your mouth with the highest degree of natural form and function, dental implants may likely be your best option.

At Aesthetic Smile Design, dental implant restoration begins with a thorough assessment of the patient’s needs,general health, periodontal condition, chronic infection, bone levels, the position of the sinus and occlusion or bite. Not everyone is a candidate for implants. Some conditions will not support implants with long term success.

Patients who smoke, have gum disease or bone loss (Insufficient bone levels), or who are diabetic, or have a traumatic bite may require preparatory treatment before the insertion of implants. During the initial consultation, Dr. Edeer listens carefully to concerns, conducts an in depth medical interview, bite analysis and answers any questions relating to dental implants or other potential treatment options.

When facing tooth replacement, we have the same goal: to restore the best possible function and aesthetic that lasts for the longest period of time. Whether you find yourself in need of single-tooth replacement, multiple-tooth replacement, or a denture alternative, dental implants may provide everything you need in terms of health, beauty, comfort, and function. To know for sure if implants will be an option for you, complete analysis requires a 3D CT scan to determine your supporting bone density and thickness as well as the location of your nerves and sinus cavity. Our office uses SimPlant technology for high-tech accuracy and comfort in implant placement.

A dental implant is a small cylinder made from bio-compatible material such as titanium with the appropriate size. The purpose of this cylinder, the implant post, is to replace the missing root, the part of the oral structure that secures the tooth to the jawbone. Implants can lay the ideal foundation for a crown, bridge, or and implant supported full denture because, over the course of healing, bone fuses around the implant or implants to firmly integrate them within the jawbone, just like a natural root. Once integrated within bone, the complete restoration requires a separate adapter and porcelain crown that looks and feels like a normal healthy tooth. An implant can remain stable for life with adequate oral hygiene homecare provided there is sufficient bone quality and your bite is free from trauma. It is also imperative to implant success to receive regular hygiene maintenance and monitoring visits at our office.

The entire treatment period for dental implants takes from three to six months. Most people who receive dental implants feel well enough to return to work and other activities the day following their procedure. It is the integration of implants into bone tissue that requires the most time. Throughout the months of healing, it is possible to resume a healthy diet filled with much loved foods. There are several advantages to dental implants versus dental bridges or dentures. To learn how implants can improve your smile and quality of life, contact us at (862) 766-6363.

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