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Preventative Dentistry in Wayne

Protecting Your Teeth & Maintaining Your Oral Health

Regular dental visits and daily oral hygiene habits are the cornerstones of maintaining your overall health. We each have unique dental care needs. Children, young adults, and those with orthodontia, crown and bridgework, porcelain veneers, and implants need routine preventive care. You can trust our experienced team to provide you with the effective preventative dentistry in Wayne you need and deserve.

Dr. Edeer and our dental hygienist are members of the American Association of Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH). Science is proving every day that preventative dentistry and the elimination of dental infections and inflammation are effective in lowering the C-reactive protein level in the blood which in turn may lower the risks of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and complications during pregnancy.

Some of the most common options to correct oral health problems include:

  • Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy - Gum disease is a common and, most often, painless condition typically found in adults. However, it is becoming more common to see it in teenagers. It is the number one cause of adult tooth loss, and inflammation that has been linked to many serious health conditions. We offer scaling and root planning, and other non-surgical gum therapy to help you eliminate inflammation and maintain healthy gums. Our Dental Hygienist Eileen has a background of working in Periodontal specialty practices as well as a great deal of experience in General and Prosthodontic practices. She holds a permit from the State of New Jersey to administer local anesthesia when necessary to keep you comfortable during any procedure.

  • Protective Night Guards - Bruxism (clenching or grinding of your teeth, especially during sleep) can cause damage to dental work, and jaw pain. Your teeth pay the price with wear and tear, or fractures in your teeth and dental restorations. Most of the time, you are not even aware that you are doing it. A comfortable, convenient, custom-made oral appliance can absorb the pressure, protecting your smile, dental investment, and TMJ.

Snoring, waking up multiple times, mouth breathing, and clenching may also be signs of Sleep Apnea, which can lead to serious long-term health issues such as high blood pressure and dementia. Missing back teeth can be a factor. A mouth appliance may be all you need to keep your jaw in place and keep your airway open and reduce or eliminate snoring.

Let the dedicated, caring team at Aesthetic Smile Design help you restore and protect your health. Call us at (973) 847-2311 and schedule an appointment for preventative dentistry in Wayne.

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