Helping Teens Navigate Their Oral Health

From an early age, we learn about the importance of oral health. As children, many of us have our parents or loved ones to teach us how to brush our teeth, the importance of eating healthy foods, and how to properly care for our bodies. As children become teenagers, many kids begin to test the boundaries as they crave the independence of adulthood. Because we were all teenagers at one point, we can certainly relate to all the trials and tribulations of growing up. At Aesthetic Smile Design, our goal is to help avoid the decline in oral health that can occur once teenagers start being responsible for their own hygiene. We want to help our patients understand the link between oral health and overall health.

1 Important Reason To See Your Dentist Regularly

When was the last time you visited our office for a hygiene examination and cleaning? These exams are extremely important for both your oral and overall health. Many patients are surprised to learn that we do much more than just clean your teeth and inspect for decay. We also inspect for other serious conditions such as gum disease and oral cancer. Oral cancer screenings are extremely important and only take moments to complete. Do you know if you are at risk for developing oral cancer? Continue reading to learn more about oral cancer and what to do if you are a high risk candidate for developing this disease.

Advantages Of Digital Dental Technology

As is the way of the world today, dental technology and advancements in treatments are ever changing. At Aesthetic Smile Design, we offer our patients the latest in dental innovations, materials, and treatments. We participate in various continuing education opportunities to stay current on the latest skills and techniques. We also regularly invest in new equipment to offer the very best outcomes for our patients and to ensure that they are safe and comfortable during their treatment. We want to share some of the digital technology that we frequently use in our office and how it can offer enhanced dental care and services.

Is Oral Health Influenced By Genetics?

Do you take excellent care of your teeth and find that you still experience dental issues rather frequently? It might be time to have a chat with your family, as genetics can play a role in your oral health. Along with your eye color, hair color, height, and other features, genetics can play a part in certain oral conditions or diseases that you might be more prone to developing. Interested in learning more? Continue reading to see which oral conditions may be caused by genetics.

Maintaining Your Oral Health As You Age

Are there times that you think back to your oral care habits from your youth and wished that you acted differently? We often hear from our older patients that they wish they had taken better care of their teeth when they were younger. One of the benefits of modern dentistry is that we can treat a variety of dental conditions that many years ago would have left patients facing a dental extraction. Even with all the treatments and advancements that we have available today, we want to stress the importance of taking care of your teeth at every age, especially as you become older.

Delaying Dental Treatment? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Did we recommend a dental treatment during your last visit and you have been postponing the appointment? Now is the perfect time to call our office and schedule the procedure. We know that times have been unusual for over a year now, and there may have been circumstances that forced you to cancel an appointment, or perhaps you didn’t necessarily feel comfortable visiting our office. Now that life has started to return to a sense of normalcy, with restaurants and stores resuming a normal schedule and mask wearing becoming more lax and optional, we hope that you will put your dental health in the forefront and visit us soon. Postponing needed treatment can cause more damage and added expense. Read on to learn more about the damage you may be causing to your mouth.

Take a Deep Breath — Don’t Let Stress Affect Your Dental Health

Over the past year dentists across the country have seen a rise in emergency appointments with patients with cracked teeth. You might be wondering what has been causing this sudden increase in emergency appointments with the same dental concern. The answer is stress. For well over a year, Americans across the country have been dealing with life situations that we have never experienced in this country before. The changes in jobs, schools, and how we live our daily lives have been troubling for many. When dealing with an overwhelming amount of stress, the body copes in different ways. It can affect your overall health as well as your dental health.

How To Care For Your Mouth Following A Tooth Extraction

At Aesthetic Smile Design, our goal is to provide exceptional dental care and to help create healthy smiles for our patients. While that is always our main goal and we do everything possible to save your teeth, at times it is not always possible, and a tooth may need to be removed. A tooth extraction could be needed for a number of reasons such as extreme dental decay, severe injury to the tooth, advanced periodontal disease, illness, or side effects from medication.

Why Is November 27th So Important?

This year on Thursday, November 26th, most of us are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving by feasting on delicious turkey, all the fixings, and scrumptious desserts. While Thanksgiving is an important day for remembering all that we have to be thankful for, such as all of our wonderful and supportive patients, we are even more excited about the following day. And no, we aren’t talking about Black Friday, the biggest retail shopping day of the year. Continue reading to see what is so important for us to celebrate on November 27th.