Oral Health Is Important During The Summer Too!

Summer is a wonderful time to live in NJ. We have so many activities available at our fingertips. Whether you have a vacation planned during the summer or not, we are able to easily get to some of the most popular destinations in our country. No matter if you are staying home, visiting one of the many tourist destinations in our area, or traveling, we want to remind you of the importance of caring for your teeth this summer. It can be easy to let the lack of routine get the best of you, but we want to help our patients avoid dealing with unexpected problems. Continue reading to learn some tips to help keep your mouth healthy and emergency free.

Is Your Breath Giving You A Warning?

Do you find that you are continuously worried about bad breath? Do you constantly take a step back when talking with others? Are you always reaching for a breath mint or just self-conscious in general? It is not uncommon to experience bad breath from time to time. This is especially common if you are a big coffee drinker or enjoy garlic in your food. When food or beverage is the cause of bad breath, the smell can be eliminated after a thorough teeth brushing. When you experience frequent bad breath, however, it can be worrisome because it is a warning sign something may be amiss with your oral health.

What Your Mouth Can Tell You About Your Health

Dr. Edeer and the team are constantly looking for ways to improve the treatments they offer to patients. They believe in treating the patient as a whole and don’t just focus on a patient’s oral health. After dealing with the pandemic for the past two years, more people than ever before are concerned about what’s going on in their bodies. They want to learn about any threats to their health and well-being. Recently, we have added a simple way to test for a number of conditions that can affect your quality of life. Continue reading to learn more about these simple tests and what they can determine.

3 Tips for Taking Care Of Your Mouth When You’re Sick

We are well into the winter season, and we know that many of our patients have mixed feelings about this season, in large part due to the weather. While some love the frigid weather, many of us are longing for the hot summer days where we can head to the Jersey shore and lay on the beach. We can all agree there is one part of winter we can certainly do without — illness. Although we are no strangers to dealing with illnesses, it is never something you hope to experience. Did you know there are precautions with your dental health that need to be taken when you or a loved one is not feeling their best? Read on to see if you are taking these simple precautions.

Helping Teens Navigate Their Oral Health

From an early age, we learn about the importance of oral health. As children, many of us have our parents or loved ones to teach us how to brush our teeth, the importance of eating healthy foods, and how to properly care for our bodies. As children become teenagers, many kids begin to test the boundaries as they crave the independence of adulthood. Because we were all teenagers at one point, we can certainly relate to all the trials and tribulations of growing up. At Aesthetic Smile Design, our goal is to help avoid the decline in oral health that can occur once teenagers start being responsible for their own hygiene. We want to help our patients understand the link between oral health and overall health.

Healthy Habits for a Healthy Mouth

Once November arrives, many people switch over to a holiday mindset in preparation for the upcoming festivities. The holiday displays and shopping events are well under way at your favorite retail location, and the online sales have already begun. Before you know it, the get-togethers with family and friends will begin and the delicious food and drink will begin to flow. We want to take a moment and remind our patients about the importance of maintaining healthy habits for a healthy mouth.

Are Your Teeth Sensitive?

When you eat or drink something very hot or very cold, do you ever experience discomfort? You might feel this when you take a big bite into a delicious ice cream cone or when you take a sip of freshly made coffee. If so, you are experiencing what is commonly referred to as tooth sensitivity. Many of you have most likely experienced tooth sensitivity at some point. While it is common, it should not be something that happens frequently. If so, your mouth is giving you a warning that something may be wrong with your oral health. Read on to learn what conditions you may be experiencing.

Maintaining Your Oral Health As You Age

Are there times that you think back to your oral care habits from your youth and wished that you acted differently? We often hear from our older patients that they wish they had taken better care of their teeth when they were younger. One of the benefits of modern dentistry is that we can treat a variety of dental conditions that many years ago would have left patients facing a dental extraction. Even with all the treatments and advancements that we have available today, we want to stress the importance of taking care of your teeth at every age, especially as you become older.

Delaying Dental Treatment? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Did we recommend a dental treatment during your last visit and you have been postponing the appointment? Now is the perfect time to call our office and schedule the procedure. We know that times have been unusual for over a year now, and there may have been circumstances that forced you to cancel an appointment, or perhaps you didn’t necessarily feel comfortable visiting our office. Now that life has started to return to a sense of normalcy, with restaurants and stores resuming a normal schedule and mask wearing becoming more lax and optional, we hope that you will put your dental health in the forefront and visit us soon. Postponing needed treatment can cause more damage and added expense. Read on to learn more about the damage you may be causing to your mouth.

When’s the Last Time You Visited Us?

Do you see our emails every month and think to yourself that you need to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment for a cleaning or treatment? We know that the past year has been unusual for everyone. You might have cancelled your appointment months ago and forgotten to reschedule, or maybe you are overdue for a cleaning because life has been busy and time has gotten away from you. Whatever the reason, we want to encourage you to schedule your next appointment today. Delaying hygiene visits and needed treatments can cause major consequences. Read on to find out more.