Are Your Teeth Sensitive?

When you eat or drink something very hot or very cold, do you ever experience discomfort? You might feel this when you take a big bite into a delicious ice cream cone or when you take a sip of freshly made coffee. If so, you are experiencing what is commonly referred to as tooth sensitivity. Many of you have most likely experienced tooth sensitivity at some point. While it is common, it should not be something that happens frequently. If so, your mouth is giving you a warning that something may be wrong with your oral health. Read on to learn what conditions you may be experiencing.

Tips for a Child’s First Visit to the Dentist

When your child is very young, it is such an exciting time. It seems like there is always a milestone or fun event occurring. It is important to remember that, along with the first steps, first babbles, and first birthday, there is another exciting first that all young children experience – their first dental appointment. We understand that sometimes it can be a little nerve-racking to bring your young one to the dentist. The sounds and sights can be very overwhelming. We want to share some tips that can help make the experience a little easier on everyone.

Passion And Purpose

We are fortunate to be able to do work we love here at Aesthetic Smile Design. In fact, Dr. Edeer will tell you that dentistry is his passion, and it shows in the results he is able to achieve for his patients. One patient recently told us that she gets compliments on her new smile on a weekly basis — she was even stopped in the street and told what beautiful teeth she had.

Hear What Our Patient Had To Say In This Video

One of our patients recently told us: “I don’t dread coming to the dentist!” Positive feedback like this is music to our ears. Our goal is to deliver the best dental care possible while making patients like you feel welcome and comfortable when you come in for your visit. We are humbled by what she and other patients had to say in a video we recently shot in our office.

Help the Child in Your Life

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month — a month dedicated to raising awareness among children and their caretakers about the positive impact of dental hygiene for children? We know it isn’t always easy to get children to brush and floss their teeth, but a lifetime of good dental health starts at an early age.