The Many Benefits Of Dental Implants From Your Wayne Area Dentist

Tooth Replacement with Implant Supported Bridges

Tooth replacement has always been important. This is indicated by archaeological evidence showing ancient forms of tooth replacement using shells and other viable objects. It was not until modern history when tooth replacement treatment really offered advantages for oral health, function, and aesthetics. Still, there are limitations with tooth replacement using a dental bridge or denture appliance. Neither of these treatment options has the capabilities to replicate natural tooth anatomy. That is, unless, they are given support by dental implants.

Benefits of Dental Implants 

Dental implants were first developed decades ago. However, over the course of several years, they have improved and gained a reputation as the most effective, long lasting form of tooth replacement to date. Implants are not intended solely for tooth replacement, but are actually designed to replace a missing root or roots. Due to their design, dental implants from your dentist in the Wayne area offer a number of benefits.

  • Dental implants most closely resemble natural oral anatomy, in which teeth are anchored to the jawbone via roots. Dental implant treatment is the only in which the entire tooth structure is replaced.
  • Smiles restored with dental implants look and feel so natural that no one can tell the difference – sometimes even the patient! Situated in the jawbone, implants will not feel any different than natural teeth roots. Topped with a beautiful crown, bridge, or denture appliance, implants set the foundation for the most attractive, natural looking smile.
  • Only dental implants can solve the issue of bone loss, which naturally occurs when a tooth or teeth are missing. Typically, bone tissue remains intact because force is transferred from teeth through their roots and into the jawbone when food is chewed. In the absence of a tooth root, this force cannot be transferred. Replacing missing roots with dental implants means that the bone tissue in the jaw remains stimulated and, therefore, remains intact. The benefit of full bone density is healthy facial contours.
  • Dental implants are as easy to care for as natural teeth. No appliances need to be removed for brushing or flossing, and no special techniques are needed for successful hygiene. Oral hygiene that includes twice a day brushing and daily flossing along with regular professional care can keep dental implants functional for life.

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