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Tooth Whitening

"Eileen cleaned my teeth the last time I was in. She is warm, friendly, caring, inquisitive, remembers our previous conversations and a joy to spend time with. Her attitude and demeanor reflects the environment provided by her employer and fellow staff members. It is a pleasure to visit your fine practice and along with the skill and caring of Dr. Edeer, I would say there is no better place to receive top level dental care in all of North Jersey. With enthusiastic applause and a score on a scale of 1 to 10, I recommend this office as an 11, because it just is. For the record I am not related to any member of the team and have been a patient along with my entire family for more than 10 years and hopefully for the next 20.

Mark Charnet and feel free to use my name when sharing my opinion of your dynamic top notch dental practice."
~ Mark C. (August 30, 2014)
We have most or all of our adult teeth before we even become teenagers. Unlike the hair, skin, fingernails, and many other bodily tissues, teeth to not regrow or regenerate themselves. The teeth that you have when you become an adult are the teeth you will have for the rest of your life. Needless to say, it is vitally important that you take good care of them, and make an effort to preserve them. However, even with the best hygiene and dental care, your teeth will become darker.

Causes of discoloration

Teeth become discolored for several reasons, including:
  • Stains from dark colored foods and beverages
  • Tobacco use
  • Tartar buildup
  • Worn tooth enamel allowing the darker underlying dentin layer to show through
  • Decay
  • Damage to the dental pulp darkening a tooth from the inside
  • A failing mercury amalgam filling causing the surrounding tooth to turn dark gray
  • Tetracycline antibiotics
  • Fluorosis

What teeth whitening accomplishes

Whitening is not the answer in every case. If the stains are internal, they may not respond to whitening gels. In this situation, a porcelain veneer may be recommended, as it covers the tooth surface, and it can be as bright as you want it. It is important to understand that whitening, nor veneers, are appropriate for damaged, unhealthy teeth. Tartar, decay, gum disease, fractures, failing dental work, and similar concerns must be addressed.
Among individuals with healthy teeth, discoloration from external stains is one of the most common cosmetic complaints. Fortunately, it is also one of the most easily remedied. Zoom teeth whitening is a fast and efficient solution, using a light activated bleaching gel to whiten teeth up to eight shades in about an hour. The results are instant, and only one session is needed.
The results of whitening may last anywhere from several months to several years. This depends largely on your habits. The more staining agents your teeth are exposed to, and the longer those dark substances remain on your teeth, the faster they will darken. Excellent hygiene, rinsing with water if you can’t brush immediately and regular dental care can help keep your smile dazzlingly bright and radiantly healthy.
Aesthetic Smile Design
Rating : 5 Wayne Dentistry - Five Star Reviews By Raye

"Fantastic! For 18 years my family and I have benefited from Dr. Edeer and his staff's excellent, professional service. He is a brilliant dentist who cares about your comfort, dental health and its effect on your overall wellbeing. His knowledge, cutting edge methods, caring attitude, attention to detail, cleanliness and artistry are unparalleled. For ALL your dental needs, from general hygiene to cosmetic, you are in good hands with Dr. Edeer. He is the simply the best."