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Dr. Gary Edeer, DMD, MAGD, Aesthetic Smile Design, Quote Fantastic! For 18 years my family and I have benefited from Dr. Edeer and his staff's excellent, professional service. He is a brilliant dentist who cares about your comfort, dental health and its effect on your overall wellbeing. His knowledge, cutting edge methods, caring attitude, attention to detail, cleanliness and artistry are unparalleled. For ALL your dental needs, from general hygiene to cosmetic, you are in good hands with Dr. Edeer. He is the simply the best.Dr. Gary Edeer, DMD, MAGD, Aesthetic Smile Design, Bottom Quote

At Aesthetic Smile Design, we believe that it is important to not only focus on the health of your smile, but also the function and balance of your bite.

Orthodontic correction allows for the repositioning of the teeth in the dental arch. It can be used to address gaps between teeth, misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, and poor bite alignment and prevent uneven wear. By correcting the bite, patients are able to reduce problems associated with TMJ disorder, an issue that can result from a poorly aligned bite and causes jaw dysfunction and discomfort. Bite alignment also plays a part in proper chewing and digestion and can also be linked to lock jaw and other conditions.

Fortunately, patients can now improve their smile right in the dental office with specially trained dentists . For many cases, instead of being referred out to a specialist who you have never met, our team of trustworthy professionals can perform treatments. We have proven, effective, options that can take just a few months for results, allowing you to see a more beautiful smile in less time than you expected.

Dr. Edeer, is a member of the International Association of Orthodontics and The American Academy of Cosmetic Orthodontics. Dr. Edeer is happy to provide a complimentary, no obligation consultation to evaluate your smile to determine the most beneficial treatment for your specific needs.

Aesthetic Smile Design is pleased to offer the following orthodontic services:
  • Invisalign
  • Clear Correct
  • Six Month Smiles
  • Traditional metal bracket and wire braces
  • Removable orthodontic appliances
Call us today to reserve your complimentary consultation and learn more about cosmetic and restorative treatment available at Aesthetic Smile Design.