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Dentists have been using lasers to treat a number of dental issues for adults and children for more than 20 years. As with medical treatment, lasers work by delivering energy through light.
There are several tooth problems that can be treated with laser dentistry, including:
  • Tooth decay – Dental lasers can remove the decay and prepare the tooth for the filling.
  • Gum disease – Lasers can remove the bacteria that is caught between the gum tissue and the tooth while not altering the healthy tissue.
  • Cancer screening and lesion removal – if cancer is suspected, dentists can use the lasers to remove a small amount of tissue for biopsy. If a patient suffer from recurring canker sores, the laser can also be used to remove them and significantly decrease or eliminate future outbreaks.
Lasers are often preferred by dentists and patients as an alternative traditional dental procedures and surgery. Not only does it reduce or eliminate the need for anesthesia and shorten recovery time after treatment, it also helps to ease anxiety for patients who are nervous about dental treatment. Lasers are also able to keep more of the healthy tissue in place when delivering treatment and patients have less bleeding and inflammation following treatment.
Dr. Gary Edeer of Aesthetics Smile Design is pleased to offer laser dentistry. Dr. Edeer and his staff are committed to providing excellent and gentle care to every patient. Using only top-of-the-line materials and technology, the team at Aesthetics Smile Design understand that there is no single treatment that works for every patient. In some cases, traditional treatments are necessary and in others lasers can be combined with traditional treatment for the best solution. Dr. Edeer will work with each patient to understand their concerns, timeline, lifestyle, and budget to make the best treatment recommendation.
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