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Patients in Pompton Lakes seek a respected dentist for preventive care

Residents in Pompton Lakes and the surrounding areas seek a dentist their friends and neighbors will recommend. They know they are in gentle hands with the dentist and team at Aesthetic Smile Design in Wayne. Our team provides personally tailored treatment plans to meet various patient needs. We believe in the importance of preventive care to ensure optimal oral and overall health and wellbeing. We know the mouth has a strong connection to the body. Therefore, we use the safest and most effective dental technology and materials. Many patients ask us about the basics of a strong preventive care plan. We are happy to explain.

Brushing and flossing

We recommend brushing the teeth at least twice a day and, when necessary, after every meal. Hold the toothbrush at a slight angle to reach the areas where the gums and teeth meet. Store the toothbrush in an upright position to allow it to air dry. We recommend replacing the toothbrush every three to four months. Before going to bed, floss the teeth. Using proper techniques can help keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Dental check-ups

Dental cleanings and examinations help prevent gum disease and tooth decay. We recommend visiting our team at least biannually for dental check-ups. We can check tooth restorations for proper function and appliances such as dental bridges for proper fit.

The importance of excellent oral hygiene

One of the most common health conditions in the world is tooth decay. Plaque is the leading cause of gum disease. Therefore, it is critical to keep the mouth, teeth, and gums clean and healthy. Good oral hygiene habits can help keep plaque at bay, safeguarding against cavities and gum disease.

At Aesthetic Smile Design, we believe in prevention as the best way to achieve optimal health. Are you looking for a highly skilled dentist who can customize a preventive care plan to meet your needs? Schedule a consultation appointment today with our dentist by calling our friendly and knowledgeable team at (862) 766-6363 today.
Aesthetic Smile Design
Rating : 5 Wayne Dentistry - Five Star Reviews By Raye

"Fantastic! For 18 years my family and I have benefited from Dr. Edeer and his staff's excellent, professional service. He is a brilliant dentist who cares about your comfort, dental health and its effect on your overall wellbeing. His knowledge, cutting edge methods, caring attitude, attention to detail, cleanliness and artistry are unparalleled. For ALL your dental needs, from general hygiene to cosmetic, you are in good hands with Dr. Edeer. He is the simply the best."