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While finding a dentist to go to may seem pretty easy, you may think that finding one who offers anxiety free injections for dental procedures is unheard of. If you live in or around Wayne, NJ, Aesthetic Smile Design makes this a pleasant reality with the DentalVibe, an innovative injection comfort system. . It works under principles of science and the anatomy to produce a more desirable patient experience. With the DentalVibe, administration of injections is very quick and easy. There are no side effects, nor any complicated techniques needed in order for the device to work safely and effectively.

DentalVibe creates vibrations that work to block a patient from feeling discomfort. The vibrations work with a patient’s sensory nerves to effectively block out pain signals. What a patient feels are the vibrations. Following an injection, these vibration serve another purpose – to massage the anesthetic into the tissues for better absorption and faster effectiveness.

The DentalVibe has many advantages:
  • Faster administration of anesthesia
  • Safe for patients of all ages
  • Comfortable for the patient
  • No after effects
With administration via DentalVibe, you will feel the comfort of soothing vibration instead of the injection. If you have concerns and anxiety over dental procedures, DentalVibe can mean a more relaxing and easier visit. Fears that accompany dental injections can be eliminated. Even if you’re not usually nervous about dental visits, why not enjoy the most pleasant experience possible? Choose the practice that makes safe and gentle care a priority. Call to schedule your next appointment with Aesthetic Smile Design.

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Aesthetic Smile Design
Rating : 5 Wayne Dentistry - Five Star Reviews By Raye

"Fantastic! For 18 years my family and I have benefited from Dr. Edeer and his staff's excellent, professional service. He is a brilliant dentist who cares about your comfort, dental health and its effect on your overall wellbeing. His knowledge, cutting edge methods, caring attitude, attention to detail, cleanliness and artistry are unparalleled. For ALL your dental needs, from general hygiene to cosmetic, you are in good hands with Dr. Edeer. He is the simply the best."